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Services and Pricing

Refresh Color and Tone

Root Retouch - 135
Your natural color or darker

Tone/Gloss - 125
Great for a quick refresh on your tone


Root Retouch and Gloss - 190
Your natural color or darker and an all over gloss.


Highlights - Balayage - Foilayage

Accent Highlight with Gloss - 165
Highlights around face and tone all over, great for a quick refresh for your in between highlighting services.

Face Frame and Part Line Highlight - 215*
Highlights around face and part line, tone all over

Partial Highlight, Balayage or Foilayage - 275*
Highlights above nape to front hairline, tone all over

Full Highlight, Balayage, or Foilayage - 375*
Custom placement of highlights throughout head, tone all over

*Pricing starting at,  additional bowls of color could increase price. Your hair length and density determine the amount of color needed.

All starting prices include toner.

Platinum Club

Platinum Retouch and Tone - 265*
A "retouch" is considered to be less than one inch of roots

Global Lightening - 495*
All over solid blonding process and tone

*Pricing starting at, please schedule a consultation to ensure we have the proper amount of time to complete the appointment and avoid a cancellation fee. Additional bowls of color could increase price. Your hair length and density determines the amount of color needed.

Cuts and Add On's

Stand Alone Cut - 105

Add-on Cut to Color Service -85

Additional Bowl of Color - 25

Olaplex Treatment Add On -55

Root coverage add on to color services - 75

Extensions - Please visit my extension page and book an in person consultation

Consultations - Complimentary

Please book an in person consultation for fashion tones, extension services, and color corrections

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